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Bathing is no longer a chore.


Our founder started in Washington state with a simple milk and coconut soap recipe to help assist neighborhood friends and those in need. With much time, patience and a few accidents here and there, Nourish & Natural, Bath Co. was born.

"At Nourish & Natural, Bath Co., we believe that a great part of taking care of your skin starts in the shower. We specialize in creating luxurious, natural bath and body commodities from the finest ingredients. We are passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality bathing experience, free from harsh chemicals and toxins. Our products are designed to create the ultimate embodiment of relaxation and pampering.  

Our biggest goal is to create luxurious, ostentatious products that will nourish your skin and enhance your self-love moments. Whether you’re looking for a remedying bath soak from a long day at work or a hydrating body butter for the on the go, Nourish and Natural, Bath Co. has something special for everyone. We invite you to take a moment for yourself and explore our range of products and experience the difference for yourself." 

-- TyQuez Hodge, Founder/CEO

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